Why Magazines?

Because no other media tells your story like a magazine.

Magazines give you the space to develop your story in an engaging way through words and pictures. Magazines are the most trusted media source, with a high perceived value. The right message cuts through the clutter and reaches people when they are most receptive. The message is not viewed as an intrusion, unlike TV or radio ads.


Peoria Magazine

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Magazines engage. Magazine ads make consumers laugh, cry, think, desire, ponder and smile and are often seen as part of the medium’s content.

Magazines are compelling. 90% of readers pay full attention when reading magazines. Magazine readers demonstrate the lowest level of multi-tasking compared to other media.

Magazines sell. Studies show that allocating more money to magazines in the media mix improves marketing ROI across a broad range of categories.

Magazines generate results. Magazine advertising spurs readers’ actions—from changing their opinions to making actual purchases.

Magazines target efficiently. With a range of titles that appeal to specific lifestyles and interests, advertisers can hone in on the targets that fit their needs.

Magazines supply credibility. Consumers trust and believe magazine advertising more than other media.

Magazines influence Influentials. Those one in ten consumers who control the levers of change turn to magazines when making buying decisions and recommendations.

Magazines endure. They are not quickly discarded. Consumers often refer back to them multiple times—giving advertisers the opportunity for added exposure.