The Peoria Woman - April 2008

RE/MAX Unlimited
Laurie Covington began her career selling credit card services to merchants and small banks in the Peoria area. After taking a real estate class in 1976, the Peoria native obtained her license the following year, becoming one of the youngest agents in the area. Covington notes there have been many changes in the field of real estate since she began her career 30 years ago. Most notably, technology has really influenced the field on both sides—agents can better network and list properties for sale, and buyers can get a better idea of what they’re looking for and do preliminary research before meeting with a Realtor to visit potential homes. When introducing future Peorians to the city, Covington takes them on a three-hour journey which showcases all the unique charms our city has to offer.

A Day of Service at South Side Mission

by Amy Groh
At 9am on Thursday, February 7th, I began a very fulfilling day at South Side Mission—the “Lighthouse on Laramie”—Peoria’s oldest rescue ministry.

Surviving a Brain Injury

by Sara Browning
Central Illinois’ Brain Injury Group is taking steps to inform the public about brain injuries while reaching out to support victims and their families.

SWAN National Women's Network

by Amy Groh
Co-founded by several extremely busy female entrepreneurs, SWAN National Women’s Network helps Peoria area women balance their lives in today’s hectic world.

Hair Loss and Thinning

by Paola Hinton
Five Senses Spa & Salon
For years, we have been told that it is normal to experience daily hair loss of approximately 100 strands per day. For those counting, strand number 101 normally has people, especially women, asking questions.

Rape is No Myth

by Deb Hyde, LCSW
The Center for Prevention of Abuse
Here in Peoria, 15 new people contact the Center For Prevention Of Abuse every day for help.

Women and Smoking

by Marge Repasz
OSF Saint Francis Wellness Services
We are women. We are strong. We run corporations. We run households. We can overcome the No. 1 preventable cause of death in the United States—smoking.