The Peoria Woman - October 2002

The Executive MBA program at Bradley University is a new, 15-month program designed to equip executives with decision-making skills to enhance their natural leadership. Classes meet every other Friday and Saturday. The EMBA class, with a size of 20 to 30, stays intact for the duration of the course and is formed to foster teamwork, networking, and mutual support. Each EMBA class includes a 8-day international trip, slated to be China this Oct. 10-18, designed to provide a deeper, first-hand understanding of the global business world and to foster cultural interaction with residents of the host country.

Lead Story

Agency Spreads Message that Aging is Everyone’s Business
By Tori Phelps
Recent decades have brought substantial increases in technology and medicine, and with these improvements, a much larger percentage of Americans are living longer. While clearly a welcome trend, the needs of this large, new population of older adults are often unmet, so organizations such as the Central Illinois Agency on Aging (CIAA) are crucial to the quality of life experienced by local seniors.

Peoria Profile

Carol Paluska, CP Directions Studio
by Tori Phelps
Carol Paluska got into cosmetology as a means to an end, but the Morton native is now internationally known for her expertise in the field. “Before graduating from high school, I looked at what I could do to pay my way through college. I had very limited funds, so looking at the field of cosmetology—which at that time was very affordable—I could accomplish both goals: work a job and make enough to pay my way into another career.”
Family Vacations: Part II
Tori Phelps, The Peoria Woman Editor
Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care
Dr. Tony Fry, Peoria Chiropractical Center
Design with Resale in Mind
Mary Sandy, Wellington's Kitchen Galleries
Cost of Homeowners Insurance Not Tied to Your Claims
Jeanne Buysee, American Family Insurance

From the Editor

Rules of the Road
This summer was another milestone in the life of my daughter and me, and was another step toward her independence. She completed drivers’ education class last semester, so we took advantage of every opportunity to earn the required 25 hours of behind-the-wheel experience before getting her license.