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Cabinetry Transforms Bedrooms
If you’ve been shopping for bedroom furniture recently, you may have noticed the vast number of styles available: traditional, contemporary, arts and crafts, Shaker, and chateau. It can be frustrating when looking at the dresser options since pieces tend to be very basic, with few choices in color, hardware, or options. Some drawers are very shallow in depth and don’t glide out easily. The interior finish can be rough, as though it needs a fine sanding. Many times the exterior finish isn’t one that will stand the test of time.

One unique option is to order kitchen cabinetry for the bedroom. Depending on quality, the cabinetry may have a durable, furniture-grade finish. The wood choices depend on the manufacturer, but normally we see maple, cherry, oak, and birch as the most popular woods. Drawers are normally of the dovetailed, full-extension variety, and hold quite a bit of weight.

Luckily, the cabinet industry has gotten into style themes for the kitchens. To match a French chateau motif in the bedroom, choose a soft, glazed maple with brushed chrome hardware and a beautiful raised panel drawer head; add a cut-out toe kick, and you’re there. The countertop can be made of wood with a nice ogee edge going around three sides.

For a simpler Stickley look, try a recessed panel door/drawer with a warm finish in oak, black wrought iron bail pulls, and straight furniture legs to complete the piece. The top could still be wood, but this time with flat edges. To alter this piece for a Shaker look, use wood knobs instead of the black pulls.

When considering the size and configuration of the dresser, first determine the space available: width, height, and depth. Use the standard 24-inch depth whenever possible since anything smaller wouldn’t be as useful for clothing storage. Standard heights for the bases tend to be 29 inches or 34.5 inches plus the thickness of the countertop. A dresser can be made in one piece up to 36 inches wide, with three drawers for socks, pants, and shorts.

Use a custom height base with a top drawer and no door to make a nightstand. An armoire can be fabricated using a tall pantry cabinet with storage for blankets, extra pillows, and even hidden TV storage. Remember, crown mouldings, baseboard, fluting, and corbel brackets can be added to your furniture pieces to complete the look. This keeps them from looking like mere kitchen cabinets and transforms them into bedroom furniture. TPW