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Peoria artist Elizabeth Davis sheds her layers to reveal her painting process. 

On November 27, 2018, the Peoria City Council recognized 40 Leaders Under Forty with a proclamation for its 25th anniversary. Many cities around the country now have similar programs, but Peoria’s was one of the very first.

Discover the benefits of mindfulness. 

We asked our 2018 class of 40 Leaders Under Forty about the causes they hold near and dear to their hearts, the people who have inspired them, and what they would bring to Peoria if they could.

The 40 Leaders Under Forty class of 2018 had some surprising revelations—from unusual hobbies and things they wish they would’ve done differently, to coping with loss and working through stressful situations.

The eagle perched atop The Shaft was a depiction of Old Abe, who appeared in many battles of the Civil War and was legendary for screaming and spreading her wings at the Confederate troops.

A glimpse of Peoria grocery stores and corner markets throughout history...

Nominations for this year's class of 40 Leaders Under Forty are now being accepted. But what exactly does it take to nominate someone? Here some helpful hints when preparing your nomination...

In addition to the Fine Arts Society of Peoria, numerous organizations in our community offer an eclectic mix of adult learning opportunities. Here are just a few…

From October to May, the Fine Arts Society of Peoria offers lecture programs to explore, expand and enliven the fine arts.

Josef Kleffman, master cutter and tailor of Timeless Tailoring, specializes in traditional bespoke tailoring—a precise, handcrafted process—to create quality, custom clothing.

If you're a movie buff, you've likely heard of RKO Pictures, Inc.—but you might not know about the connection to the Kennedy family.