Behind the Scenes: June 2020

Bob Doucette’s “City of Hope” in progress

Bob Doucette’s “City of Hope” in progress

Above, Bob Doucette’s “City of Hope” in progress. 1) Initial sketch. 2) Rough mockup. 3) Drawing on board. 4) Outlines painted. 5) Brown over drawing. 6) First stage of underpainting. 7) Underpainting done. 8) Adding background color. 9) Color on characters and foreground.

Soon after the pandemic hit, it was clear that June’s theme of “Arts & Entertainment” would not work as planned. What would even make sense for the cover? How to address the frustrations of “sheltering in place,” while offering hope and staying positive on Peoria? Enter the amazing Bob Doucette, who knew just what to do. Within 15 minutes he had sketched a concept (top left), and an hour later we had a “rough” black-and-white mockup—masthead and all. Extraordinary work from an extraordinary artist and person—we are so fortunate he now calls Peoria home!

Jonathan Wright, Editor In Chief

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