Trick... or Treat? Links from the Archives

Pictured: The Old Stone Church in Limestone, once thought to be haunted... (Spoiler alert: it's not.)

Halloween is almost here… so we’ve rounded up a few spooky links from the Peoria Magazines archives about costumes, ghosts and the superntural in Peoria…

Little-Known Halloween History
Here’s a bit of Halloween trivia you can toss out to impress the guests at your next costume party…

Haunts from Peoria's Past
Like many other cities, Peoria is home to numerous legends of resident ghosts and haunted buildings. Art & Society talks to Rob Conover of Pekin about his years as a paranormal investigator.

Ol' Book and the Graveyard Elm
The story of Mr. A. Bookbinder and the old elm tree at the Peoria State Hospital in Bartonville.

Haunted Peoria: A Paranormal Tour by Trolley
A city rich in history and scarred with strife, Peoria is a hot spot for supernatural activity.

Flirty, Charming, Haunting: Spooky Looks for Halloween
Looking for last-minute costume ideas? Get creative with these artists… and be sure to check out the accompanying videos by Peoria’s Raphael Rodolfi!

Swept Up in a Character
If you're looking for a unique costume or mask, don’t forget about The Costume Trunk!

Be careful out there, and have a fun, festive Halloween! PS

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