P.S… A Summer Recap

Above: Peoria Magazines' night at the ballpark with staff (both former and current), friends and family, collaborators and contributors

Hello and welcome to Peoria Magazines’ P.S. Blog!

For years we’ve thought about starting a blog, but just never made it happen. This summer, we decided to give it a go.

The reasons are simple. We often find ourselves “throwing away” good material because we don’t have the space to include it in print. And we don't always do a good job of explaining to you all the things we are doing in addition to our regular magazines. The blog is our way of fixing that problem.

We plan to post supplemental material to our print articles, as well as special features and other “extras”—always interesting, unique and community-oriented content.

Let us know what you’d like to see! Send your feedback to info@peoriamagazines.com, or leave us a comment.


Peoria Magazines' 2017 Summer Recap...

It’s been a crazy summer… can't believe it’s almost over. First of all, Sam, our client coordinator, became a mother! Meet Baby Ellie…

Andrea Godfrey Photography

Isn't she darling? This is her newborn picture… she’s already grown so much bigger! Sam was out of the office for a while in May and June, so the rest of us had some extra work to do to pick up the slack!

Of course, we continued to publish our magazines on the usual schedule.

Each of these issues has a myriad of stories surrounding it… from interviews and photo shoots with our 2017 Local Legends, to the cover image of the August iBi, which involved some web sleuthing and a phone call to a Los Angeles architectural firm to obtain the high-resolution graphic.

iBi June2017 iBi July 2017 iBi August 2017

For the July/August issue of Art & Society, we did a bit of redesign and ushered in some new features and partnerships… which we built on in the September/October issue. More on that in future posts!

Art and Society Jul/Aug 2017 Art and Society Sep/Oct 2017

Of course, the summer edition of Peoria Progress (also redesigned) announced the winners of the 2017 Best of Peoria competition, and featured a beautiful image of the IVY Club from David Vernon on the cover:

Peoria Progress: Summer 2017


Amidst all of this, we partnered with the Heart of Illinois United Way to design their 2017 Peoria Area Community Assessment. Published every three years, the Assessment provides insight into the critical education, financial stability and health needs of people in central Illinois.

Our local United Way is a fantastic organization, and we were proud to work with them again! Learn more about the Assessment and download the entire book on their website.

On July 11th, we were happy to host the fifth annual Local Legends Reception at the Country Club of Peoria. Check out the July issue of iBi to learn more about this year’s honorees: Dr. Stephen & Patti Bash, Royal Coulter, Ken Hinton, Norm Kelly and Joan Krupa. Here are some pics from the event:

Local Legends 2017


The following week, our friend Marty Wombacher stopped by the office and brought an awesome cake with him to celebrate our one-year anniversary in our new location at 4736 N. University Street! Check out all the hilarity on his blog, Meanwhile Back in Peoria.

Peoria Magazines birthday cakeJonathan Wright with Marty Wombacher


On July 27th, we hosted the fourth annual 40 Leaders Alumni Social at Dozer Park, and announced our 2017 40 Leaders Alumnus of the Year: Peoria City Councilman Sid Ruckriegel. Congrats again, Sid!

Sid Ruckriegel, Andrew Rand and family

View more photos from the 2017 Alumni Social...

Rocky Vonachen, Trip James
Kayse Doering, Paige & Jed Dodson
Trip James, Emily Weeks
Glenn Filley, Nancee Redding
Alissa Williams, Mae Gilliland Wright

A couple weeks later, we were again at Dozer Park for our annual company outing… Some of our friends and colleagues came along as well, and we had a great time! (That's us at the top of the post, but here we are again...)


You may have noticed our increased visibility on social media recently (It’s about time, right?). This has in turn affected the way we look at editorial (and prompted us to finally pull the trigger on this blog). Thanks to Mae Gilliland Wright for her social media savvy and fantastic ideas! If you don’t already follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, there’s no time like the present…

This August marks our 28th year of business. It’s hard to believe that it all started with an eight-page newsletter in the summer of 1989!

Besides this blog, we recently added image galleries to our website, with more changes in the works. We’re always trying to get better. Meanwhile, we continue to plan for our upcoming fall issues and events.

Oh, and we are also accepting nominations for the 2017 class of 40 Leaders Under Forty (now through September 8th).

As you can see, the Peoria Magazines team has been quite busy this summer. We probably missed something, but this post is already too long. (Please note that future posts will not be this lengthy!)

We hope you have had a great summer as well. Thank you for reading... and look for future blog posts from us on a regular basis. Stay tuned!

P.S. Blog
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Thanks for including me on the first post! Looking forward to more in the future! Happy blogging! P.S. I had to use a calculator for the math question!

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