The Game of First-Time Home Buying

by Laura Martin, Peoria Area Association of Realtors

The game can be as long as Monopoly on a rainy afternoon, or as short as your last tropical vacation.

Right On Target

With axe throwing growing in popularity at bars across the country, one local couple decided to get in on the action.

Cruising the Great Loop

by Jonathan Wright

This 6,000-mile boating adventure is often dreamed about, but less often completed.

So Many Ways to Play in Peoria

by Emily Cahill, Peoria Park District

From eco-tourism to sports and cultural tourism and beyond, there’s always more to explore.

Should Non-Hindus Teach Yoga?

by Hannah Ramlo, Soulside Healing Arts

Cultural appropriation should be considered when borrowing elements from any culture that is not our own.