Boosting Turnout in Municipal Elections

by Brad McMillan, Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service at Bradley University

While national elections draw larger numbers, local elections impact our lives far more directly.

The Future Is Now

by Cindy Morris, Peoria Public Schools Foundation

Your investment in our students and teachers is making all the difference.

Roll Up Your Sleeve

by Monica Hendrickson, Peoria City/County Health Department

It’s only by utilizing all of the tools in our toolbox that we’ll get back to normal.

Our New Visual Landmark

by Ashley Schreck | Photography by Jeffery Noble

The reopened Murray Baker Bridge is reopened and lit up. What comes next?

Conducting a COVID-19 Response

by Monica Hendrickson, Peoria City/County Health Department

In times of emergency, all of the sections must play together in harmony.

A Meeting of Giants

by Steve Tarter

One hundred and fifty years ago, two powerful forces for freedom met for the first time in Peoria.