Mystery of the Vault

by Chris Farris, Peoria Public Library

This past winter Baldovin Construction uncovered a mysterious brick structure with a vaulted ceiling buried under the ground.

Legendary Work for the Public Good

by Mitch Gilfillan, Quinn, Johnston, Henderson, Pretorius & Cerulo

Our community thrives when people surrender their personal wants for the public good.

A Summer Reminder

by Ketra A. Mytich, Attorney & Counselor at Law

Review your important legal documents for protection in case of emergency.

A Pass-Thru Deduction Update

by Adam Koch, Heinold Banwart

A brief review of Section 199A and key changes made in the final version of the regulations

Doing Well By Doing Good

by Barbara Turley, CFA, Commerce Trust Company

Sustainable investing incorporates environmental, social and governance factors into the overall investment strategy.