Bringing Back the Whiskey City

by Don Forrest, Farnsworth Group

The opening of Black Band Distillery in Peoria’s Warehouse District will rectify a century of cultural loss.

Leading a New Generation

by Jonathan Wright

With a bold vision and a record of execution, Casey Baldovin is making his mark in the Warehouse District. 

KDB Group: A Transformative Impact

by Mae Gilliland Wright

With announcements ongoing and significant progress made over the last year, KDB Group is redefining possibilities in central Illinois. 

A Playful Headquarters

by Jonathan Wright

A 1920s-era warehouse building in Peoria is now headquarters to one of the most popular arcade games of all time.

New Year, New Beginnings

by Michael J. Freilinger, Downtown Development Corporation of Peoria

An exciting new development is set to bring commercial and residential tenants to the Warehouse District.