A New Musical Experience

by Jonathan Wright

A recent Bradley graduate enhances the guitar with a revolutionary self-playing system.

Kaleidoscope of Color

The theme of UnityPoint Health – Central Illinois Foundation's annual Unity Gala accurately sums up 2020.

Arte, Tequila and Tacos

by Mae Gilliland Wright
Photography by Jeffery Noble

Casa de Arte offers an authentic cultural experience and a home for up-and-coming artists.

Making a Peoria Renaissance

by Mae Gilliland Wright
Photography by Erick Minnis

A newly formed group seeks to elevate the voices of local Black artists.

Jazz on the Porch

by Jonathan Wright

The pandemic has been rough on everyone, but few have been hit as hard as working musicians.

Making Impressions

The PAG Print Room will house printing presses, tools and equipment to support a variety of forms of letterpress and relief printing.