The Worlds of Hattie Lee

by Mae Gilliland Wright

Hattie Lee’s rapid ascent in Peoria’s arts community has been as exciting and vibrant as her art.

Peoria's Paint Shop

by Alison Ferolo with Emmanuel Agyemang

Born Paint colors its hometown with more than brush strokes.

A Light Story

by Mae Gilliland Wright

Exhibit A Gallery in Peoria Heights will be showcasing the artwork of Sherri Burritt during the month of September.

Dunlap Orchestra Builds the Tempo

by Kathryn Eissfeldt with Kratika Tandon

Rosemary Ardner is on a mission to put instruments in the hands of as many children as possible, as early as possible.

Design For Good

by Alison Ferolo with Adeline Ferolo

Heather Ford explores collective consciousness through technology to create unique artistic experiences.

Reflective Noise

by Mae Gilliland Wright

Peoria will be visited this month by Uruguayan multi-disciplinary artist Marisa Bernotti.