Something Big Is Happening

by Mike Bailey
Photography by Beau Commanday, David Vernon & Mike McGarvey

Big Picture is celebrating the arts and changing the face of Peoria.

Magic As Art

by Mitch Williams

It’s not about the puzzle; it’s about the experience.

Local Art for Holiday Gifts

On November 2, the IAL will host its annual Holiday Art Market at the Warehouse on State in Peoria’s Warehouse District.

Cruise of Kinship

This month, David Raitt will perform with Barry Cloyd on the Spirit of Peoria.


by Mae Gilliland Wright

Hidden in plain sight, the gallery is a catalyst for curiosity and the exchange of ideas.

Jazz Flavors in Season

by Dr. Todd Kelly, Artist-in-Residence, Peoria Symphony Orchestra

A longtime jazz performer and educator meets a renowned symphony orchestra.