Designing A Better World

by Mae Gilliland Wright

The artful designs of Chantell Marlow are a powerful force for healing and quiet encouragement.

Music, Dance & Fellowship

by Jonathan Wright

Ed and Bev Caballero bring the multicultural energy of Latin dance to central Illinois.

Gifts of the Season

Support local artists and the local economy by purchasing holiday gifts right here in Peoria.

The Magic of Membership

by Jenn Gordon, ArtsPartners of Central Illinois

Memberships not only make financial sense, they connect you to others and to your community.

Fruitful Artistry

by Mae Gilliland Wright

Peoria Grown collaborates with local artists to make their fruit stands stand out.

Turning The Tide

by Bill Conger, Peoria Riverfront Museum

The restoration of “Sonar Tide” speaks once again to the future—as Peoria again reaches to redefine itself.

A Rainbow of Dance and Culture

by Kathryn Eissfeldt with Anjali Yedavalli

Peoria Folklore Ballet blends traditional dance and community spirit to keep Mexican culture alive and thriving.