Peoria’s Grand Opera House

by Molly Crusen Bishop

The illustrious building’s reign over Peoria’s highlife came to a swift end on a tragic December morning.

Celebrating Women in the Arts

by Kristan H. McKinsey, Illinois Women Artists Project

The Citywide Celebration of Women in the Arts highlights the creativity of women in the arts in Greater Peoria.


A new exhibition at Peoria Magazines features the artwork of Peoria-based women of color.

Champions for the Arts

John and Jeff Heintzman have set a sterling example for what it means to serve as an educator, advocate and champion for the arts.

Something Big Is Happening

by Mike Bailey
Photography by Beau Commanday, David Vernon & Mike McGarvey

Big Picture is celebrating the arts and changing the face of Peoria.

Magic As Art

by Mitch Williams

It’s not about the puzzle; it’s about the experience.