A Theatre Like No Other

by Chip Joyce with Adeline Ferolo

Filled with mystery and grandeur, the story of Peoria’s Scottish Rite Theatre is just beginning.

The Future Is Now

by Doug and Eileen Leunig, Big Picture Initiative

A brand-new partnership elevates the voices of young people in our community.

Broadway Is Back!

The American Theatre Guild is the new presenter of the Ameren Illinois Broadway in Peoria series.

Realizing a Dream

by Fisher Stolz

The new sculpture garden at Donovan Park takes shape this summer.

Experiencing Alexander Martin

by Mae Gilliland Wright

By exploring their own identity, this artist creates space for others to hold conversation and empathy.

Exploring the Fine Arts

by Mae Gilliland Wright

The Fine Arts Society of Peoria will enter its 60th season of programming later this fall.