Peoria Magazine: March 2021

by Jonathan Wright | Photography by Jeffery Noble

Peoria Magazines and Discover Peoria join forces as the office is reimagined for the post-COVID era.

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The Week the World GameStopped

by Philip R. Huber and Daryl R. Dagit, Savant Wealth Management

Every party eventually comes to an end, and someone will be left holding the bag.

Dedicated to Mirum

Peoria’s hottest startup company announced a significant investment in its manufacturing facilities last month.

by Teresa M. Dickinson, Quinn Johnston

The IRPWA provides guidelines for handling personal online accounts.

PIA announced new nonstop summer specialty services to Rapid City, South Dakota, beginning in August 2021.


Lead Gifts for Cancer Care

The OSF HealthCare Foundation announced two lead fundraising gifts for the Comprehensive Cancer Center to be built in Peoria.

by Jennifer Zammuto, Heart of Illinois United Way

Your philanthropic strategy is a vital part of your organization’s brand and reputation.

by Dr. Keith Knepp, UnityPoint Health

A look back at 2020: the good, the bad, and how we’ve grown 

by Banu Hatfield, Zion Coffee Co

I’m thankful for the seasons of my simple life.

Ten things you didn't know about the Realtor, musician and avid runner...

The Peoria-based company announced the launch of a line of officially-licensed NBA games.

Sankoty Lakes expects to be open to the public for lodging by April 1.



Of Shapes, Lines and Movement

by Mae Gilliland Wright

Heather Brammeier creates visual puzzles that explore the function of childhood play into adulthood.

A Season of Innovation

by Chip Joyce

The Peoria Symphony Orchestra perseveres through unparalleled challenges to create an extraordinary and memorable season.

Poetry Awakened

by Lois J. Funk

There is no more elegant or poignant way to express one’s emotions.

The first sculpture in the new Donovan Sculpture Garden was unveiled in February.