Peoria Magazine: February 2021

This spring, for the first time in 16 years, the citizens of Peoria will select a new mayor. Whoever wins will face a series of steep challenges.

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Tax Shelters 101

by Sherry Hawkins, Heartland Bank

Save for the future and build wealth with smart planning.


Boosting Turnout in Municipal Elections

by Brad McMillan, Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service at Bradley University

While national elections draw larger numbers, local elections impact our lives far more directly.

Roll Up Your Sleeve

by Monica Hendrickson, Peoria City/County Health Department

It’s only by utilizing all of the tools in our toolbox that we’ll get back to normal.

The Future Is Now

by Cindy Morris, Peoria Public Schools Foundation

Your investment in our students and teachers is making all the difference.


Building Information Literacy

by Randall Yelverton, Peoria Public Library

Today’s flood of misinformation and disinformation illustrates the critical need for critical thinking.

Grand as a Canyon

by Bill Crowley

There’s no need to travel to see one of the most beautiful spots around.

The Gift of Hope

by Robin Albright

There are signs everywhere… if you are open to receiving them.


Passion for Expression

by Mae Gilliland Wright

Ever learning and always seeking, artist Billie Howd proves it’s always the right time to find your passion.

Fairy Tale Peoria

Once Upon Peoria is a children’s picture book about the city of Peoria, Illinois, both past and present.