Peoria Magazine: October 2020

by Jonathan Wright | Photography by Jeffery Noble

With an unrelenting focus on quality ingredients and techniques, Cody Scogin has harnessed his influences to create something new in Peoria’s culinary scene.

Publisher's Note
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A Blueprint for Restaurant Revival

by Sam Toia, President & CEO, Illinois Restaurant Association

Leaders at all levels must continue to think outside the box to get through this crisis.

Arte, Tequila and Tacos

by Mae Gilliland Wright
Photography by Jeffery Noble

Casa de Arte offers an authentic cultural experience and a home for up-and-coming artists.


Happy Hour To-Go?

by J. Logan Block, Quinn Johnston

New legislation provides bars and restaurants a tool to generate income during the pandemic.

Difficult, abrasive leaders may produce results, but their actions also lead to dysfunction and employee turnover.

by Matt Bartolo, Chairman, Peoria County Board of Election Commissioners

Peoria County voters have multiple options to vote in the November elections.

by Monica Scheuer, Midwest Food Bank Peoria

As more families experience food insecurity, we are here to help.

The heartwarming story of the most amazing harvest was just the beginning of the journey for the authors.


Tastes Like Home to Me

by Andrew Ngui with Maeve Rigney

A recent transplant from the East Coast offers a personal tour of regional comfort food.

by Karen Bevers and Golda Ewalt

Fermented foods such as miso are especially high in this key ingredient.

"The Marathon Man" fished for 24 hours to break his own world record.

by Ashley Thomas

Emotional eating is on the rise as our collective stress reaches a new high.

The National Spine Health Foundation recently issued a “save our spines” S.O.S.