Peoria Magazine: October 2019

An Interview with Chef Dustin Allen

Chef Dustin Allen unites his early influences and studies of great chefs with a passion for local family farms to create a dining experience unlike any other in the region.

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Downtown Peoria... What's For Lunch?

by Chris Farris, Peoria Public Library
Photos courtesy of Peoria Public Library Local History Collection

The rise and fall (and potential rise again) of Peoria’s downtown lunchrooms, cafes and sandwich shops

The Restaurant Life

by Jonathan Wright

A lifelong career in the culinary arts has placed Troy Ummel amidst the upper echelon of the fine dining world.


A Hub for Farm & Food Innovation

by Tory Dahlhoff, Greater Peoria Economic Development Council

We are putting together all the ingredients for a robust food economy in Greater Peoria.

The New Distillery Row

J.K. Williams Distilling, formerly of East Peoria, will reopen next spring with a new owner, location and fresh identity.

Wow! Moving On Up, Peoria!

by Michael J. Freilinger, Downtown Development Corporation

A recent bus tour showcased new developments in Downtown Peoria and the Warehouse District.

Creating a community supported fishery (CSF) was not on Nik Mink’s mind when he started teaching at Knox College in 2010.

by Kurt Plattner, Heinold Banwart, Ltd.

By hiring and developing the right people, organizations can create a competitive advantage.

by Logan Block, Quinn, Johnston, Henderson, Pretorius & Cerulo

The Proposed Overtime Rule of 2019 could have a dramatic effect on employers whose employees may no longer be exempt.

A windfall will not guarantee long-term wealth, but it does provide an opportunity.

by Fred Blanchard
Heartland Bank and Trust Company

Personal financial management tools offer stress-free fun—and make financial emergencies drama-free.

Some might have a condition for which marijuana works, but we need a reality check on the word medical.


Culinary Arts and the Warrior Way

by Thomas Bruch, Peoria Public Schools

Woodruff’s culinary program regularly vies for state and national championships while fostering lifelong skills.

Impact Central Illinois is preparing to kick off its first grant initiative to give away $117,000 to one local charity in 2020.

Let us continue to share our personal resources and talents for the nourishment of our community.

OSF HealthCare has invested in the garden to provide access to healthy foods in an area that is otherwise food-insecure.


Food Unites Us

by Banu Hatfield, Zion Coffee Bar

Food is where families come together, where friendships form, where ideas come alive.

Making a Better Earth

by Emily Potts

The husband-wife team of Better Earth Logistics are working to close the local food loop.

by Mary Ardapple Dierker, Coreview Coach

Devotion to everyday well-being cultivates a legacy for lifelong happiness.

by Kirk Wessler, OSF HealthCare

This COPD patient is “a totally different person” after undergoing a relatively new lung procedure.

by Chef Golda Ewalt

Simple ways to prepare vegetables that look extravagant.

Seven things you can do to extend your phone’s life.

Seven years ago, three central Illinois residents created an app to track high school football scores in real time.

Three steps to put the power of gratitude to work in your life.


Something Big Is Happening

by Mike Bailey
Photography by Beau Commanday, David Vernon & Mike McGarvey

Big Picture is celebrating the arts and changing the face of Peoria.

Magic As Art

by Mitch Williams

It’s not about the puzzle; it’s about the experience.

by Emily Potts

Kenny’s Westside Pub is a Midwest destination for national touring bands.

There are so many ways you can celebrate the arts this October...

This month, David Raitt will perform with Barry Cloyd on the Spirit of Peoria.

On November 2, the IAL will host its annual Holiday Art Market at the Warehouse on State in Peoria’s Warehouse District.