iBi - September 2018

by Chris Farris, Peoria Public Library

Public sentiment about the First World War evolved over time, both in Peoria and around the nation.

A Chronicle of the 1866 Shaft

by Norman V. Kelly

From its post-war dedication until its dismantling nearly a century later, The Shaft stood tall in downtown Peoria. Today, an effort is underway to restore this lost piece of history.

The Generals of Springdale

by Bernie Drake

Four Civil War generals are buried right here in Springdale Cemetery, but few Peorians know who they are.

A Q&A With Ken Zurski

A longtime radio broadcaster, Ken Zurski has also proven himself to be a remarkable historian, storyteller and writer.


An ICE Primer

Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) is a statewide 503(c) nonprofit organization dedicated to leadership in education through technology.