iBi - January 2018

by Stevie Zvereva
Photography by Kelli Drake

By enhancing natural fibers with the properties of synthetics, Natural Fiber Welding could revolutionize multiple industries while providing great social and environmental benefits.

Mobile Mount

The Mobile Mount provides a safe place for guests to store their phones, a marketable space for advertisers, and another stream of income for entertainment and sporting venues.

The Oakford Group

The Invertabelt System, developed by The Oakford Group, utilizes research-proven physical therapy treatment strategies and techniques to treat low back pain in the privacy of one’s own home.


Solomo implements Salesforce, the leading provider of CRM, through a unique platform that integrates common applications and knocks down the barriers between them.

Unit Trac

Unit Trac is cloud-based lease management software that can be accessed from anywhere, any time on any device, allowing self-storage facilities to serve customers quickly and professionally.

Pitch for a Seed Fund in Greater Peoria

by Randon Gettys
Greater Peoria Economic Development Council with Kip McCoy and Steve Zika

To keep pace globally, we must be willing to allocate significant resources to the effort of creating new businesses.