iBi - April 2018

by Jonathan Wright
Photos courtesy of 360 Yield Center

With its suite of game-changing products, 360 Yield Center puts growers in a position to win—no matter what nature does.

A Labor of Love

Farmers feed the world and are integral to our daily lives, yet we rarely think about where our food actually comes from—or how important agriculture is to our economy.

Q&A with Mike Schachtrup

Mike Schachtrup wears many hats. On any given day, he might assume the role of biologist, economist, heavy equipment operator, systems engineer or technologist, among others.

Envisioning a Healthy Peoria Food System

by Kim Keenan
The gitm Foundation

With a new urban farm, farmer’s market and educational efforts, the gitm Foundation is helping to bring urban agriculture to Peoria.

Tapping the Hops Market

by Beth Weimer

As it connects the craft brew craze with the local foods movement, Hallowed Hops Co. is proving there’s more to agriculture than corn and soybeans.

A Farmer By Any Other Name

by Lauren Quinn
University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Shifting needs in agriculture spell jobs for professionals with tech training.


World-Class Executive Coworking

The ELM Executive Business Center is Peoria’s newest coworking space, offering first-class, executive-style accommodations ranging from coworking desks to furnished team suites.