Phil Earhart

Richwoods High School

An instructional leader at Richwoods High School, Phil Earhart has demonstrated an exceptional ability to engage his students using the latest teaching techniques and learning strategies. Always going above and beyond his role in the classroom, he has built strong relationships and earned the respect of his students, parents and colleagues.

Along with his work in the social studies department, Earhart is the sponsor for a number of student organizations, including the Minorities Academic Advancement Project (M.A.A.P.), a group of minority students who organize events in the school and community; Culture Club, which studies cultures and cuisines from around the world; and the Current Events Club, in which students discuss important local and global issues. He is a mentor for the Richwoods International Baccalaureate Program, guiding students through the rigorous program, and serves on Richwoods’ Teacher of the Month committee.

As the coordinator for AVID, a nationally known college readiness program, Earhart helps prepare students for completing a four-year college degree and beyond, not only providing incredible instruction, but organizing on-site college visits and team-building field trips. He also trains college tutors for the program, organizes monthly staff meetings, attends national conferences, and represents the school at district-level meetings.

In addition, Earhart is one of two instructors who advise a student-led entrepreneurial business known as AppsCo. Designed and run entirely by students, AppsCo is a real-world business that develops apps for local businesses after school hours. Upon completing a seven-week course, the participating students design, sell, market and manage the apps, controlling all business transactions with Earhart as their guide. With a projected income of $100,000 over the next year, the company has been featured prominently in the news media for its cutting-edge program. Earhart has been instrumental in writing a three-year curriculum that will expand and implement AppsCo at all three Peoria public high schools. He also serves as secretary on the AppsCo Board of Directors. iBi