iBi - October 2016

by Jason Hawksworth
Hawk Energy Solutions, LLC

Incentives, benefits, considerations and opportunities in the solar energy marketplace

Bundling Energy Efficiency with Solar

by Kiersten Sheets and Don Howerter, Ruyle Mechanical Services
Photo by Kelli Drake, DRAKEphoto

Pairing energy efficiency with a solar PV project can bring a host of benefits to any business.

Processing Biomass for Fuel

by Liz Scoville

Chip Energy is putting the finishing touches on a facility to process wood waste into renewable energy.

Modernizing the Grid

by Daetta Jones
Ameren Illinois

Recent smart-grid enhancements have resulted in a 17-percent improvement in reliability.

The Balancing Act

by Deloitte MarketPoint LLC

A look at oil market supply, demand and development over the next five years


Growth at Peoria Charter

Peoria Charter Coach was founded in 1941 when Walter Winkler traded in the family car and received a loan from his sister to buy a new bus.