iBi - February 2015

by Stevie Zvereva
Historic photos courtesy of Peoria Historical Society/Bradley University Library

The Warehouse District’s historic designation opens up new tax credits for building owners to preserve Peoria’s past.

Tales of Place and Progress

Having received enthusiastic feedback from our readers, we once again present an issue focused on the great history of our region. It’s always fascinating to look back at old photos and read of those who have made the community what it is today—and it’s always good to remember how far we’ve progressed.

Peoria: 180 Years Incorporated

by Mark L. Johnson
Peoria Historical Society

Long after French explorers first traveled up the Illinois River, the town of Peoria was officially established in 1835.

The Hall That Rouse Built

by Norman V. Kelly

From real estate to medicine, one of Peoria’s earliest settlers had a tremendous impact on its future.

Who Was Charles Ballance?

by Deborah Dougherty
Peoria Historical Society

A Renaissance man, he lived an extraordinary life after rising to prominence in Peoria.

All-Steel: The Carefree Home

by Jim Bateman
Central Illinois Landmarks Foundation

New ideas in housing are few and far between, but in the mid-1930s, Peoria was home to one truly innovative idea.

Ruth Robertson: The Hero Within

by Barbara Mantz Drake

This Peorian—a photographer, correspondent, columnist and explorer—dedicated her life to living large at a time when women were denied that very privilege.


A Mission to Preserve the Past

by Samantha Foster

The East Peoria Historical Society seeks members, donations and contributions in revealing the city’s tales.