iBi - April 2015

by Stevie Zvereva

Autonomous technology is not just changing the way we drive—it’s rebooting our entire transportation system.

Jobs and Cybersecurity: A New Initiative

Central Illinois Center of Excellence for Secure Software

A new initiative responds to global security threats… and offers an opportunity for the Peoria-area workforce.

Q&A with Jake Hamann, OneFire

Jake Hamann is the founder, president and CEO of OneFire, responsible for leading the company’s overall strategy and direction.

What Makes A Makerspace?

by Clint LeClair, MD
River City Labs, NFP

Makerspaces help a community to think, imagine and collaboratively create the future we want.

On the Uptake

by Caterpillar staff

A new partnership will use big data to take performance to the next level.

Amplified Intelligence: Power to the People

by Bill Briggs, Forrest Danson, David Pierce and Mark Shilling
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Artificial intelligence is now a reality, and its most promising application is not replacing workers, but augmenting their capabilities.