iBi - May 2014

Jumpstarting a Sustainable Farm Business
by Stevie Zvereva
photography by David Vernon

Have dreams of starting a sustainable farm? A rise in regional programming provides support to give dreamers a leg up.

Building Business Strategy on the Farm

by Darren Frye
Water Street Solutions

Strategic planning is a way for farmers to make the most of a limited number of business cycles… and learn from them.

Where Are Farmland Prices Headed?

by John Rassi
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Analyze your farmland prices and take appropriate action to prepare for changes in the marketplace.

Resources for Growing Your Own Crops

by D. Keith Crotz
The American Botanist

By employing information found within the pages of “dated” texts, gardeners can find much greater success.

Farmers, Food Security and Beyond

by Dale Clary
Greene Farm Management Service, Inc.

Today, less than two percent of the U.S. population produces food for the rest of the country.

A Farm Bill That Helps All

Rep. Cheri Bustos
17th Congressional District

As a young girl, few things made me happier than family trips to my grandparents’ farm in Milford, Illinois.