iBi - February 2014

The Future of Downtown Peoria
by Jonathan Wright

With a new development corporation leveraging our assets and driving new development, the creation of a more vibrant and livable downtown takes center stage in Peoria.

A New Sports Complex Plays in Peoria

by Dan Cunningham
Louisville Slugger Sports Complex

Louisville Slugger, the No. 1 name in diamond sports, is partnering with the new sports complex being built in Peoria beginning this spring.

Envisioning the Warehouse District

by Chris Waible

It exists in big cities like Chicago, Austin and Dallas, and mid-sized cities like Grand Rapids, Madison and Champaign. And it could exist in Peoria.

Regional Land Use Scenario Planning

by Melissa Eaton
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

While scenario planning has been conducted in cities like Denver and Salt Lake City for decades, the concept is new to most regions.

Building Blocks of a Vibrant 61605

by Phil Newton
South Side Mission

A groundswell of support is taking shape on the South Side, one of the poorest zip codes in the country.

Go Urban: Making an Impact

by Erik Reader
Reader Area Development

For the city to reach its fullest potential, it needs more people carrying out their dreams and passions.