iBi - September 2013

Creating the Sustainable Nonprofit
by Eileen Ruby Setti
Ruby & Associates

Creating a vision for an organization is exciting because it is the ideal dream of a better future. Creating a path to sustainability and staying on that path is hard work, but it is worth every step because your mission is worth it.

Collaborating For a Better Future

Last year, 46 human service organizations in the Tri-County Area participated in a survey and found they generate more than $442 million in annual economic output and represent about 2.4 percent of the region’s total employment. That’s a lot of impact.

LISC: Putting All the Pieces Together

by Jonathan Wright

LISC combines corporate, government and philanthropic resources to help nonprofit community development corporations revitalize distressed neighborhoods.

From Pound to Found

by Gabrielle Balzell

Determined to stop the cycle of abandonment and irresponsibility, a number of nonprofit organizations have dedicated their missions to advocating for homeless animals and helping to connect them with their “forever families.”

Nonprofits Mean Business

by Mark Roberts, Chuck Weaver and Eileen Ruby Setti

“Fundamentals” helps to develop the administrative, management and leadership skills of nonprofit CEOs, board members, volunteers and staff.

A Q&A With Denise Conklin

Managing Attorney
Prairie State Legal Services

Prairie State Legal Services provides free civil legal services to the poor, elderly and people with disabilities in northern and central Illinois.

Nonprofits Are Businesses, Too!

by Sharon Amdall

Of the 1.6 million nonprofits registered with the Internal Revenue Service, about one million are charitable organizations. And all of them have one thing in common: They are real businesses.

Introducing… Peoria Harvest Co-Op

Anticipated to open by next summer, Peoria Harvest Co-Op is a cooperatively-owned store and community center in the works, focused on providing reasonably-priced, nutritious and organic food grown on local farms. 

Disaster Relief

by Rich Draeger and Erin Miller
The Salvation Army and American Red Cross

Disaster can strike at any time and when it does, a network of relief agencies get to work. 


The Spirit of GiveviG

by Gabrielle Balzell

GiveviG is a Peoria-based company that encourages the community to support local businesses and nonprofits by offering discounted deals to area restaurants and retailers and donating a portion of each purchase to a local charity of the customer’s choice.