iBi - February 2013

The Fight of a Lifetime

by Gabrielle Balzell
Photography by David Vernon/cancer cell photos courtesy of UICOMP

In the year 2013, the “C” word still has the ability to make people cringe. Despite the many advances in research, prevention and treatment, cancer still accounts for one in every eight deaths worldwide. And yet, a glimmer of hope shines within central Illinois.

Preparing for Healthcare Reform: An Update

by Tim Wyman
The Wyman Group

“The individual mandate is a legal tax.” And with those seven simple words, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), otherwise known as Obamacare, withstood last June’s judicial challenge. 

Region-Based Healthcare Transformation

by Julie Gray
Quality Quest for Health of Illinois

The best strategy to reduce costs and improve health can be found where healthcare is delivered: at the regional and community levels.

Quality isn't Just a Metric...

by Paul E. Macek
Proctor Health Care

There are innumerable definitions of quality, all of which matter within the context of the patient experience.

Cultivating Corporate Wellness

by Eddie Papis
Hopedale Medical Complex

A successful corporate wellness program de-emphasizes short-term goals and promotes long-term participation.

iPad + iPod + iPhone = iStrain

by Dr. Timothy Cundiff
Vision Care Center PC

As you read this article, whether you’re holding a physical copy of the magazine or reading it online, prepare to be stressed out.

Do You Have a Bleeding Disorder?

by Dr. Michael Tarantino
The Bleeding and Clotting Disorders Institute

Persons with bleeding disorders need comprehensive care from experienced specialists.


Teeing Up for a Cause

by Gabrielle Balzell

Now in its fourth year, Central Illinois Tee It Up for the Troops offers area golfers a chance to polish their backswing while helping out American military veterans.