iBi - October 2011

Just Go With The WORKflow

by Kelly Mantick
Photography by David Vernon

Since the inception of the first coworking location in San Francisco in 2005, a new model of work has swept the country, emphasizing the importance of both structure and freedom in the workplace. Central Illinois’ own coworking chapter, WORKflow Peoria, embodies this ideal, down to the name itself.

New Ways to Work

Flexibility, collaboration, mobility…these buzzwords encapsulate most of the ongoing changes in today’s workplace—not only in how we work, but also in where we work.

What is a Great Workplace?

by Jennifer Robin
Bradley University/Great Place to Work Institute

What do great workplaces do that others don't? Here’s something we know for sure…while HR practices do matter, it’s the execution of those practices in ways that build strong relationships that make for a great place to work.

The Workplace is A-Changin’

by Donna Pritchard
Lincoln Office LLC

If you start to view the workplace as an investment and not just as overhead, then it becomes a place where employees can get work done more efficiently.

A Great Workplace Starts With People

by Ally Krebeck
EDC for Central Illinois

Salary and wage costs are important, but the quality and availability of necessary skills in the workforce are even more important.

He Said, She Said

by Richard A. Russo
Davis & Campbell LLC

Investigating and handling uncorroborated allegations of hostile environment sexual harassment

Trends in Office Design

by Sarah Kathro
Farnsworth Group, Inc.

The built environment is starting to mold itself around how human beings operate, not forcing individuals into a space.