iBi - March 2011

Talent Force 21: 10 Years In Review

by Dr. John F. Gilligan

Our goal is to create a learning community in which lifelong learning is valued and prized and a natural expectation of social life. One’s learning and skills are never completed upon the receipt of a certificate or a degree, whether in the trades or professions.

Echoing a Call to Action

“So where the heck are all the jobs?” began a recent editorial piece in The Wall Street Journal. “Eight-hundred billion in stimulus and $2 trillion in dollar-printing and all we got were a lousy 36,000 jobs last month.”

Staffing Leads the Way

Staffing is booming!” claims Cindy Neal of Express Employment Professionals, and that’s a good thing for business leaders looking for signs of economic growth. The staffing industry is traditionally a leading employment indicator—the first to feel the effects of a weak economy, but also the first to recover.

Our Talent Challenge of the Next Decade

by Bashir Ali
Central Illinois Workforce Network

Market forces will result in an uneven distribution and possible talent mismatches for available job openings. This means there will be more workers for fewer low-skilled jobs and fewer workers for an increasing number of higher skilled jobs.

The Drivers Behind Workforce Issues

by Mary Pille
AAIM Employers' Association

There are five key areas to re-examine because of the cost-cutting measures taken during the economic downturn.

New Career Paths for Bradley Students

by Kaylyn Kuzniar

Bradley University is adapting to evolving workforce trends by offering new majors, minors, concentrations, internships and certificate programs.

Building a Skilled Construction Workforce

by Ginger Johnson
Tri-County Construction Labor-Management Council

TRICON is working closely with education organizations to connect what students learn in the classroom to real-world applications.

Bullies in the Workplace

by Dave Goranson
Goranson Consulting, Inc.

Bullying can affect productivity, morale, team dynamics, employee retention, “presenteeism” …and your bottom line.

Linking Learning with Productivity

by Marvis Meyers
AAIM Employers' Association

There are many different tools and strategies you can use to increase an employee’s knowledge and skills, and in turn, impact performance.

Workforce as a Business Attraction Tool

by Cindy Patterson
EDC for Central Illinois

When it comes to business attraction tools in the Peoria Metro toolbox, our qualified workforce continues to be a critical and versatile tool.


Just the Essentials

“What am I going to wear?” is a common, daily question women ask themselves when opening the closet door.