iBi - June 2010


by Ken Klotz
Turner Center for Entrepreneurship at Bradley University

Mention the word “entrepreneurship” and one normally thinks of the activities associated with starting a new business venture. Indeed, entrepreneurship does encompass the creation of new businesses, but today it is viewed as much more than that.

Fire in the Belly

More and more, today’s workforce is comprised of job hoppers, freelancers and independent contractors performing project-based work. We are homepreneurs, intrapreneurs, edupreneurs, blogpreneurs, nichepreneurs…just a few of the words coined in recent years as the traditional definition of entrepreneurship has splintered into a million pieces.

Resources for Peoria-Area Entrepreneurs

Do you have an idea for an innovative product or service? Are you looking to start your own business? There is a wealth of resources available in the Peoria area to help you get started—and most of them won’t cost you a dime.

Opening Doors…Life After Big Yellow

by Amy Chovan

When the region’s largest employer began tightening its belt, the Peoria area felt the repercussions, both in the pocketbook and in spirit. But it also catalyzed a wave of forward-thinking individuals who didn’t let the situation get them down and weren’t afraid to take calculated risks, even in a down economy.

2010 State of Entrepreneurship Address

by Carl Schramm
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

"Unleashing these innovators…these risk-takers…these job-creators is the best way to assure a sustained recovery, and to assuring that the state of our union is strong."

Defining Entrepreneurship within the Franchise Model

by Michael Wojtas

These entrepreneurs have found the means for a lucrative business that allows for autonomous decision-making and leaves room for growth and change, but also comes with a tested marketing platform and the wisdom refined by years of company-wide trial and error.

The Business of Innovation

by Shad Sleeth
Bradley Technology Commercialization Center

In the business of commercializing innovations, we have to ask ourselves the key question: Can a business be built around this idea?

Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

by Stan Lynall
LMA Consulting, LLC

Why is it that many successful entrepreneurs fail to adequately plan for what is likely the largest single value transition in their life, the exit from their business?

Making Entrepreneurial Luck

by Leonard W. Sachs
Howard & Howard Attorneys PC

I view entrepreneurs as visionaries who make their own luck. Many people fail to recognize when the window of opportunity opens.

Instilling an Entrepreneurial Mindset

by Angie Spitzer-McNaught
Junior Achievement of Central Illinois

It is important that young people learn about entrepreneurship from an early age since the nature of the workplace is changing and evolving.

Not Your Typical Entrepreneur

by Michael Wojtas

Dr. Kinsinger’s unconventional blend of ponderous tinkering and impressively technical medical knowledge—coupled with a little persistence—has taken the product from drawing room abstraction onto the shelves of dozens of retailers.

The Six Entrepreneur Traps

by Entrepreneur Advisors

Is your business consuming your life? We have identified the six entrepreneur traps that can keep you from having the business and the life you dreamed of.

The Mistake That Will Drown Your Business

by Bob Betzelberger and Chuck Weaver
Central Illinois Angels

Businesses often ignore their reputation until they are facing a public relations disaster. But to get help from others, you will need to earn their trust.

Solving Problems with Social Entrepreneurship

by Dr. Eden S. Blair
Bradley University

I define social entrepreneurship as “using systematic entrepreneurial models to create and manage organizations with a mission for social change.”


Celebrating Traditions Old and New

by Amy Chovan

The Club recently hosted an Emeritus Dinner in honor of those who have supported it for 50 years or more. These are the people who, like those who came before them, keep the Club and its history alive.