iBi - July 2010

Milestone Complete!

by Amy Chovan

After nearly a decade of planning and building, the Milestone Project is finished, and the new Children’s Hospital of Illinois and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center will finally open its doors to the public this month.

Area Development: A Snapshot

by Jonathan Wright

In the city that houses the headquarters of the world’s largest maker of construction equipment, nearly $2 billion in capital projects are ongoing, have been completed in recent years, or are currently in the planning stages.

Developing a More Sustainable Peoria

by Edward J. Barry, Jr.
Farnsworth Group

In Peoria, three recent developments, in three very different parts of the city, offer three very unique responses to the need to be greener.

Where Did Those Buildings Come From?

by Jim Bateman
Central Illinois Landmarks Foundation

Landmarking per se does not automatically save buildings. What it does is buy time to find a way to execute an appropriate adaptive reuse.

Regional Development Thrives on Collaboration

by Vickie Clark
Economic Development Council for Central Illinois

Collaboration is key to the strength of this region. At EDC, we see firsthand the value of both the public sector and private businesses working together.

What’s a TIF District, and Why Should I Care?

by Michael Fricke
Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP

TIF districts seem to be in the news on a daily basis, yet very seldom do you get the full story of how a TIF works and what benefits a city derives from it.

A New Neighborhood in North Peoria

by Michael Smothers
Cullinan Properties, Ltd.

As their children sleep an extra hour on the last Saturday in August before classes begin, a young couple plans their day’s activities. Their car would never move.

Patience Pays Off

by Michael Smothers
Cullinan Properties Ltd.

Benjamin Franklin, one of this country’s civic improvement pioneers and an architect of  the nation itself, wrote for his Poor Richard’s Almanack, “He that can have patience can have what he will.”

Peoria Public Library Buildings Take Shape

by Mike McKenzie
Peoria Public Library

After nearly 40 years with no changes to its buildings, the Peoria Public Library has become a beehive of building activity in every section of town.

Local Campuses Under Construction

by Amy Chovan and Cheryl M. Fliege

Construction and redevelopment projects continue at various sites at Bradley University and Illinois Central College.

Revitalized Building to Become a Local Fixture

by Scott Rogers

The newly revamped center will function both as a school focused upon improving the lives of those with special needs and a commercial entity geared towards revitalizing the Sheridan Triangle area.


Broadway On the Move

by Scott Rogers

The word “Broadway” brings to mind distinct images and sounds—chorus lines of dancers kicking their legs in the air, melodies that bring audiences to tears, theatergoers dressed to impress, a feeling of class and sophistication.