iBi - August 2010

An Innovative Educational Alternative Comes to Peoria

by Renee Charles and Meghan Lundeen
Peoria Charter School Initiative

Change is on the horizon for 225 Peoria students with the August 24th opening of Quest Charter Academy, a math, science and technology-focused charter school.

Peoria Promise Starts to Reap Benefits

by Tara Gerstner
Peoria Promise Foundation

This spring and summer, over 20 graduates of the Peoria Promise program will have earned a degree from Illinois Central College. Many are planning to continue their educational paths at four-year universities, while some are already joining our local workforce.

Education is an Economic Issue

by Brian Gordon
Peoria Education Region for Employment and Career Training

If we want more scientists and engineers—the talent pool is out there—we need to teach in a way that attracts our future workforce into these professions.

An Interview with Engin Blackstone

In March, the Peoria Charter School Initiative announced that Engin Blackstone would be the first principal of Quest Charter Academy, Peoria’s math, science and technology charter school.


Mending the Gap

It seems like teenagers and their parents haven’t been getting along since…forever.