iBi - April 2010

Employee Training

by Ami Dean
WithIn, Inc.

The employee training market may be worth some $109 billion in the U.S., but when it's time to tighten belts, training is one of the first costs cut. And that's too bad. Too often, the owners of small to medium-sized businesses see the cost of training as an unbudgeted, unnecessary expense. While that thought process is understandable, cutting training to save money is like stopping the clock to save time.

Social Media and Learning-Related Technologies

by Chad Udell and John Feser
The Iona Group

There are many ways your company can harness the discourse going on inside the firewall to create a collaborative learning network that benefits everyone in the organization.

The Future of Training

by Angie McNaught
Junior Achievement of Central Illinois

The challenges that exist in training today are very different from those of the past, and this will continue to result in significant changes.


by Dr. Eli Collins-Brown
Methodist College of Nursing

Busy, working adults need education and training that is flexible, that works into their hectic schedules but still provides an engaging learning experience.

Service and Learning Initiatives at ICC

by Patrice Hess
Illinois Central College

Organizational learning programs have enhanced both the workforce climate and the educational experience at Illinois Central College.

The Caped Crusader is Dead…

by Ellen Markey
American Society for Training and Development, Heart of Illinois Chapter

What would happen in the Batman movies if the famous crime-fighting superhero was no longer available to protect Gotham City from its criminal underworld?

The Pillars of Competent Teams

by Yona Lunken
Thinking Skills, Inc.

Leadership is like a table. If it's good, you don't really notice it is there. If it is bad, you will really miss it because there is no supporting structure for the daily workings of the team.

Is Collective Intelligence the New Age Norm?

by Susan K. Warren and Tammy Finch
SKW Consulting and Web Tech Services

Participants may have different motivations for participating, yet this collaboration validates Stephen Covey’s claim that “all of us are smarter than any one of us.”


Local Blooms Adorn Chicago

Each spring, Macy’s hosts a flower show inside its department store downtown Chicago, signaling the start of a new season of renewal.