Let’s Connect!

Most people have heard about Facebook or MySpace, two of the most popular social networking sites. On these sites, people can meet new people, reconnect with long-lost friends, and discuss their hobbies, news and more. Then there is LinkedIn, the popular networking site for professionals to stay informed about their industry and discover inside connections when looking for a new job or business opportunity.

While these three social networking sites are the most well known, it turns out that there are many more you may not have heard of. People come together online over all kinds of interests, and traffikd.com breaks them all down. The site contains a list of various categories, which include all of the known networking sites, from film to food and much more. We took a quick look and picked out some of the more interesting ones. To see the complete list, visit traffikd.com/social-media-websites. 

ART—ARTslanT. Gallery, artists, calendar. artslant.com
BOOKMARKING—Wirefan. Share favorite bookmarks. wirefan.com
CARS—CarDomain. Car updates and user profiles. cardomain.com
CONNECTING/MEETING PEOPLE—Meetup. Similar interests by location. meetup.com
DATING—SpeedDate. Speed date online. speeddate.com
EDUCATION—LibraryThing. Book lovers. librarything.com
FAMILY—MomJunction. Advice for moms. www.momjunction.com
FOOD—ChowHound. Cooking and restaurant tips and reviews. chowhound.com
KIDS—KidLinkz. Web introduction for kids. kidlinkz.com
MOVIES—Filmcrave. Film chat. filmcrave.com
MUSIC—Fuzz. Music lovers. fuzz.com
NEWS—Newsvine. News sharing. newsvine.com
PETS—Pikapet. Pet lovers. pikapet.com
TECHNOLOGY—Dzone. Info for developers. dzone.com
TRAVEL—GeckoGo. Travel info. geckogo.com  iBi