iBi - March 2009

Tana Utley

Tana Utley is chief technology officer and vice president of the Product Development Center of Excellence at Caterpillar Inc., responsible for the organization’s research and development activities.

A Good Business Continuity Plan

by John Jenkins
STL Business and Technology Solutions
At the heart of every business is a set of people, processes and technologies that allow the organization to achieve its goals. But what happens when something occurs that interrupts the flow of these things?

General Contractors for Technology

by Amy Groh
The Prairie Technology Alliance is a single-source IT service organization made up of five member businesses, serving a range of diverse technology needs.

Five Steps to Technology Commercialization

by Cindy Patterson
Economic Development Council for Central Illinois
At every step along the way, your business development plan will need to be reviewed, modified and refined.

What Happens After a Disaster?

by Eric Fisher
The Small Business Administration estimates that 25 to 45 percent of businesses do not re-open after a disaster.

The Need for Speed and Bandwidth

by Kip DuBois
MTCO Communications
The increased demand for blazing connection speeds and unlimited bandwidth are driving factors for today’s ISPs.

Is Your Technology Getting the Best of You?

by George W. Lane, Sr.
MD Advanced Orthopedics
All that typing, texting and video gaming can take its toll on your body—not just your digits, but your neck, back and shoulders as well.

Technology for Home Users

by Tammy Finch
Web Tech Services, Inc.
Keep your computer up-to-date with antivirus software, helpful utilities and other recommended programs.

Online Advertising with Google AdWords

by Amy Blain
Google AdWords is a powerful advertising tool that targets those who have essentially asked for information about your product or service.

Let’s Connect!

While Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn are the most well-known social networking sites, there are many more you may not have heard of.