iBi - January 2009

Making Breakthroughs Happen

by Amy Groh
Whether you know it or not, medical research plays a significant role in the Peoria community, both in terms of healthy living and economic development.

Our Mission: High-Value Healthcare

by Gail Amundson, MD
Quality Quest for Health
Quality Quest for Health is on a mission to bring people together to create healthy communities with high-value healthcare.

Our Quest to Transform Healthcare

by Julie Gray
Quality Quest for Health
Why transform healthcare? There are three things most people will agree on when asked this question. Healthcare is expensive, it is imperfect, and it is ineffective.

Obama's Healthcare Plan

by Liz Larson
Health Alliance Medical Plans
Campaign promises often do not amount to improved policies, but some change seems imminent when it comes to healthcare coverage.

Healthcare for All Americans

By Brad McMillan
Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service
An unprecedented alliance of advocacy groups urge the new president to make healthcare reform a top priority in his first 100 days.

Healthcare At the Heart of Our Economy

by Jessica Moroz
Economic Development Council for Central Illinois
Representing over 15 percent of the workforce in the Tri-County Area, healthcare is one of our top industries.

Battling Bunions

by Jeffrey F. Traina, MD
Advanced Orthopedics
More than uncomfortable and unattractive, bunions can be unbearable.