iBi - December 2009

Central Illinois Angels

Formed earlier this year, the Central Illinois Angels investment group is officially open for business. There are currently 46 members of the group who are looking to invest in new companies in the Peoria area and beyond. The Angels will bring expertise, experience, contacts and capital to help emerging and growing businesses.

Publisher's Note

The end of the year has arrived—thank goodness! No doubt about it, 2009 was a challenging year, and 2010 will be as well. But thankfully, the fear that the world economy would come crashing down—a common notion just a year ago—did not come to fruition.

The World Economy

by Don Johnson
Caterpillar Inc.

During the past year, the world economy faced its greatest crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, with a repeat of that unfortunate experience uncomfortably close.

Roth IRA Conversion: A Roundtable Discussion

To gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding the conversion of an IRA into a Roth IRA, we have brought together a roundtable of tax, estate planning and investment professionals to provide their insights on this topic.

Show Me the Money!

by Ken Klotz
Turner Center for Entrepreneurship at Bradley University

Borrowing money is usually the last thing a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur wants to do. But sometimes a business owner must borrow money to grow a business, start a new venture or simply survive hard times.

Financing the Developing World

by Jon Kindseth & Tim Crawford
Ekkekko Microfinance Association

Thanks to a chance meeting between an ambitious Peruvian woman and an ISU student, Ekkekko will soon be providing microcredit to entrepreneurs who would otherwise have no chance of receiving financial services from the formal banking sector.

Proud to Be a Credit Deadbeat

by Morgan Gee
Chestnut Credit Counseling Services

On a daily basis, I listen to and counsel individuals carrying the burden of credit card debt.

Tracking the Housing Market

by Cathi Hawkinson
Peoria Area Association of Realtors®

The Peoria area has not followed the national trend at any point in the downturn, and there is some doubt that we will follow it in the recovery.

The Have and Have-Not of Group Disability Insurance

Provided by Joshua T. Waite
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

If you are one of the lucky workers with an employer-sponsored disability income policy, you are more fortunate than most. It is better to have group coverage than not.


Cracked Pepper Spices Up the Industry

by Melissa Wahl

With breakfast, lunch and dinner options ranging from danishes and crepes to creamy garlic chicken and meatball sub sandwiches, Travis Mohlenbrink’s Cracked Pepper Catering and Bakery has it all.