iBi - April 2009

Gary Uftring

From a very young age, Gary Uftring has been passionate about cars, beginning his work in the automotive industry by doing mechanical repairs on his family’s farm.

On the Record with U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

Upon his retirement from Congress in 2008, Ray LaHood was appointed by President Barack Obama to head the U.S. Department of Transportation. iBi spoke with Secretary LaHood on February 21st, 2009, several days prior to the president’s address to a joint session of Congress.

Rail Freight Transportation Vital to Local Economy

by David P. Jordan
In an age of interstate highways, commercial airline travel and the private automobile, rail freight is, with limited exception, the reason for the survival of the nation’s rail system. Of course, it more than survives—it prospers. Not a single major railroad has entered bankruptcy court in two decades.

Maritime Activity Under the Radar

by Steve Jaeger
Heart of Illinois Regional Port District/TransPORT
With about 30,000 vehicles passing daily over the Illinois Waterway via five bridges in the Peoria-Pekin area, one might think that the ongoing movement of river barges would be etched on our collective regional consciousness.

Could Peoria Be the Next Amtrak Destination?

by C. J. Summers
Peoria Passenger Rail Coalition
Amtrak recently completed studies on adding train service to Rockford and the Quad Cities. Peoria, with the third-largest metropolitan statistical area in the state, would be a natural addition.

CityLink: The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District

by Alice Nobles Arn
CityLink currently provides over 2.5 million passengers with transportation on 22 routes in the communities of Peoria, West Peoria, Peoria Heights, East Peoria, Sunnyland, Creve Coeur, Pekin and Bartonville.

Vulnerable in Illinois

by Clete Winkelmann
Children's Home Association of Illinois
The state of children and families in Illinois is at a critical stage, requiring attention and action.

Refocusing the Traffic Commission

by Pat Sullivan
Peoria Traffic Commission
I believe changing the name to the Transportation Commission would better reflect what this commission is about—it’s more than just automobile traffic.

Walkable Urban Areas

by Lisa Ferolo, Anne Bartolo, Jennifer Brady & Scott Sorrel
Campaign for a Walkable West Bluff
One short walk or bus ride up the Main Street hill, and you could be met by a creative, exciting commercial corridor anchored by the history and beauty of the West Bluff.

Time-Saving Help with Healthy Eating

With work and all the other obligations that arise during the week, it can be difficult to find time to plan healthy, balanced meals for your family.