InterBusiness Issues - February 2008

Sandy Moldovan

As a freshman registering for college classes at the University of Illinois, Sandy Moldovan made a decision which would alter his career path. This decision led him to graduate with an engineering degree and start a firm with two partners.

Business Income Tax Credits

by Susan E. Coats
Heinold-Banwart, Ltd.
Another key component of tax planning and compliance is ensuring that a business is utilizing all available income tax credits.

Business Profile

by Amy Groh
InformMed, the first tenant of the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center, is improving the quality of patient care by revolutionizing point-of-care technology with its pac2 device.

Retention of Email: Why Bother?

by Michael D. Gifford
Howard & Howard Attorneys, P.C.
Does your organization need a policy for managing retention and preservation of email?

The Geopolitics of Climate Change

by Angela Weck
Peoria Area World Affairs Council
Regardless of one’s conclusions about the causes of climate change, the world’s citizens have no choice but to examine the broad range of impending impacts on our limited resources.
Also in this issue...

International Humanitarian Law

by Vickie Parry
American Red Cross, Central Illinois Chapter
It’s important that we be familiar with the principles of International Humanitarian Law, the Geneva Conventions and other bodies of international law that protect lives and alleviate suffering around the world.

Where, Oh Where, Do Those Dollars Go? Part II

by Julie Drake
Jewel Technology Services
The Rural Health Care Program is intended to ensure that rural healthcare providers pay no more for telecommunications in the provision of healthcare services than their urban counterparts.
Patrick Kirchhofer - Peoria County Farm Bureau
Mayor Jim Ardis - City of Peoria
W. Michael Bryant, Methodist Medical Center
William Prather, Peoria County Board
Dr. John Erwin - Illinois Central College
Michael Stephan, Heart of Illinois United Way
David Smith - Manpower Professional
Brent Lonteen, Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau