InterBusiness Issues - April 2008

Dr. Tim Miller

Dr. Miller has served as Chief Medical Officer and Director of Medical and Academic Affairs at OSF Saint Francis since 1995. As such, he is the liaison between the hospital and its large medical staff and is responsible for credentialing physicians, staff discipline, administration of medical education programs and compliance and quality improvement issues affecting physicians.

Business Profile

by Amy Groh
This family-owned courier service was founded to offer outstanding service to customers and has kept to that mission throughout the growth of the company.

Starting Over

by Sara Browning
War veterans are finding ways to counter an unwelcoming job market with a little help from Peoria-area businesses and organizations.
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Chronic Disease: A Corporate Problem

by Matthew McMillin, M.D.
Optimum Health Solutions, Inc.
A chronic illness is a disease that has a prolonged course, does not resolve spontaneously, and is rarely completely cured.
Patrick Kirchhofer - Peoria County Farm Bureau
Mayor Jim Ardis - City of Peoria
W. Michael Bryant, Methodist Medical Center
William Prather, Peoria County Board
Dr. John Erwin - Illinois Central College
Dr. Sarah Nath Zallek, OSF Saint Francis Sleep Disorders Center
Vickie Clark - The Heartland Partnership
Mary Pille - Employers' Association
Heather Fitzanko - AAA Confidential Security Corporation
InterBusiness Issues - April 2008
Brent Lonteen, Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Bashir Ali - Central Illinois Workforce Network