Quest Charter Academy

Quest Charter Academy

Quest Charter Academy is dedicated to providing a diverse student body with innovative, world-class education rich in math, science and technology, focused on preparing students to become bold inquirers, problem solvers and ethical leaders.

Quest Charter Academy will have a 100% graduation rate for every graduating class. Each student is able to embrace our core values: respect, responsibility, integrity, courage, curiosity and effort.

Quest Charter Academy opened in 2010 with 5th through 7th grades, and 8th grade was added in the fall of 2011. A new 5th grade classwas added each year until Quest became a complete 5th through 12th grade school with 600 students in the 2015-2016 school year.

Walk through our doors and you will feel a warm family atmosphere. Students’ faces of all nationalities, races, economic backgrounds and scholastic levels demonstrates unspoken confidence. Hallways buzz with excitement, and the moment you are introduced to the students and faculty, it becomes clear that this is a STEAM school that is focused on career and college readiness.

The culture at Quest Charter Academy exudes the philosophy set by our values of respect, responsibility, integrity, courage, and effort. Our culture also holds accountability for students, teachers, parents, and administrators in high regard. Yes, this means high expectations for all! There is a sense of teamwork involving everyone from parents and administrators to businesses and bus drivers. Having such a strong positive culture, Quest is able to build a strong foundation for student achievement thus student success. 

Our teachers and staff are trained in personalized student learning platforms. This provides our students unlimited opportunities for self growth. With self growth, students gain pride in their school and themselves. Our students sparkle when talking about their school, their success and their future.

Quest Charter Academy is governed by the Peoria Charter School Initiative Board of Directors, which has the ultimate responsibility and accountability to our authorizer, Peoria Public Schools. The board governs and oversees all operations of Quest Charter Academy. This Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, who are committed to improving highquality public education choices in our community.

How to Help
We are a school of the community and as such, we work to give back to our community through volunteering. We would love for our students to have the opportunity to give back to your organization through community service, which is also one of our graduation requirements. We have many strong partnerships within the community as well.

Your organization may have opportunities for students to learn from your employees by having guest speakers come to Quest, or having our students come to your organization and learn about what career opportunities exist. If you are interested, contact Dr. Taunya Jenkins at

Quest Charter Academy
Quest High School
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Quest Middle School
2612 N. Bootz Ave.
Peoria, IL 61604
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Facebook: Quest Charter Academy
Twitter: @QuestChrtrAcdmy

Dr. Taunya Jenkins, Executive Director