Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service

Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service

Our mission is to do the work of Jesus Christ, providing hope, respect and guidance towards a path to prosperity.

Our vision is to bring hope to an impoverished people by coaching, encouraging, empowering and equipping them to identify and overcome obstacles. We seek to help our friends overcome poverty, set goals to gain progress, and keep pointing them to a path to prosperity and establish long-term self-sufficiency. We do this through wrap-around resources and long-term coaching supported by education, employment preparation, supportive services such as food, clothing and medical support, finance coaching and credit repair, employment coaching and job attainment or increased income.

Since 1951, Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service (PFH) has made a powerful difference in the Near North side and East Bluff neighborhoods of Peoria and beyond. We have a heritage filled with stories of how we brought hope into people’s lives. PFH was founded as a response to the great need for assistance to individuals and families living in deep poverty.

Our Advocacy, Coaching, Education and Support approach provides wrap-around services supported by short- and long-term coaching for both the Latino and Englishspeaking communities. We provide valuable services such as food, clothing, youth education, adult education, employment preparation, and finance and employment coaching, while encouraging lasting change for those we serve. We are dedicated to providing hope and guidance that offers a “hand-up” rather than handouts.

Our Core Programs

  • STEAMS Academy: An after-school program for K-8th graders that focuses on increasing learning potential with one-on-one tutoring, enrichment activities and service learning opportunities. It features the STEAMS curriculum, which includes FIRST® LEGO® League, allowing the children to research, design and build a LEGO® robot. When school is out for the summer, our eightweek Summer Camp focusing on leadership development provides an enriching diverse program in a fun and safe environment.
  • Parent Mentor Program: Friendship House recently received funding to recruit, train and mentor 16 parents who will serve two hours per day in four classrooms in Lincoln and Roosevelt schools. The goal is to increase parental involvement in education, improve classroom behavior, and inspire our children to greatness.
  • La Familia (Latino Outreach): We are proud to serve our Latino community. For over 25 years, we have established a great relationship with our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. Translation services, immigration services, health and senior services, and a host of other services and events have helped us to strengthen our community as a whole.
  • Financial Stability: A career and personal finance service center that helps low to moderate-income people build smart money habits and focus on the financial bottom line.
  • Adult Education: Over 45% of the people who come to PFH do not have a high school diploma or GED. We provide GED classes in English and Spanish, so that obstacles such as transportation, hesitation in signing up through a community college system, or lack of confidence are lessened.
  • Health Support Services: Many of our friends would go years without medical attention if it were not for our Health Support Services program.
  • Friday Night Takeout: A daily food distribution program that provides over 50,000 meals per year to hungry men, women and children.
  • The Killer Bees: Our basketball team consists primarily of grade school children from the Taft Homes, which is in walking distance of Friendship House. Our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters allows us to match each child to a mentor who helps them navigate the life obstacles that children of their age need help with understanding in order to feel secure about their future and safety.

How to Help
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