Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity, Inc. (PCCEO)

Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity, Inc. (PCCEO)

The Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity, Inc. is a Community Action Agency and leadership organization that promotes self-sufficiency and economic security. PCCEO has a commitment to lifelong learning and serves as an agent for transformational change to help individuals and families improve their quality of life in Peoria County.

PCCEO’s long-term goal is to formulate the foundation of self-sufficiency and empowerment for all persons it serves.

Peoria Area Food Bank
The Peoria Area Food Bank provides food, hygiene products and USDA commodities to more than 40,000 individuals in our community. In 2019, we distributed over three million pounds of food and grocery products using a network of 83 pantries and soup kitchens in Peoria, Tazewell and Mason counties. Our Mobile Fresh Produce Pantry provides fresh produce; the Mobile Pantry distributes food products to food-insecure individuals living in food deserts, and our Backpack Program provides nutritious meals to children who have little to eat at home.

Head Start
PCCEO Head Start serves 585 children in a comprehensive early childhood education program. Currently, full day services are being offered at Woodruff Technical Center, Manual Head Start, Harrison Head Start and Trewyn Pavilion Head Start Center, while 374 part-day slots are offered at the Webster Head Start Center.

Early Head Start
PCCEO Early Head Start (EHS) is a comprehensive family development program that primarily focuses on supporting pregnant women and parents of children from infancy to age three. Our services are designed to help children and families reach their optimum potential educationally, socially and economically. We also monitor physical and mental health and wellness for children to support their ability to achieve developmental milestones and attain school readiness.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
LIHEAP is designed to aid eligible, low income households in paying for winter energy services. It is comprised of four
programs: Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP), the Reconnect Assistance Program, PIPP (Percentage of
Income Payment Plan) and the Emergency Furnace Program. One-time energy assistance payments are available to
qualifying households and families once per year, with additional benefits available to families who qualify for emergency assistance and weatherization efforts.

Weatherization Assistance
The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) reduces energy costs for low-income households by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes, while ensuring their health and safety.

Community Services Block Grant
CSBG provides opportunities for eligible applicants to obtain education and training for occupations in healthcare, early childhood education or transportation. Emergency services, rental assistance, emergency food vouchers and emergency lodging are also provided for eligible clients, while Community Action Scholarships are available for short-term training in occupational skills or general post-secondary education.

How to Help

Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity, Inc. (PCCEO)
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Peoria, IL 61605
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Facebook: @peoriacommunityaction

McFarland A. Bragg II, EDFP, HDFP, CCAP, President/CEO