Foster College of Business

Foster College of Business

Through close interaction and experiential learning, we empower great outcomes for individuals and organizations.

In everything we do, we value integrity, persistence, innovation, collaboration, impact, growth, diversity and risk taking.

The Foster College of Business is dedicated to serving organizations and individuals in the Peoria area. We offer counseling, technical assistance and educational opportunities for anyone interested in startups, as well as established companies looking to expand their businesses. Our students, faculty and staff serve as volunteers, strategists and partners within our community.

Business Strategy
We promote strategic planning and thinking through customizable solutions to ensure strategies align with organizational goals. This can include certificate programs, personal coaching or free consulting from our senior business students involved in a capstone consulting project. We facilitate:

  • Strategic agility, management and execution
  • Digital strategy
  • Strategic marketing

Organizational Performance
Organizations have the ability to collaborate with our faculty, staff and students as they strive for operational excellence. Our centers offer businesses programs and measures to strengthen data management and security, as well as overall organizational development and guidance. We offer:

  • Change management
  • Information/data security
  • Organizational development
  • Supply chain management
  • Effective communication
  • Business analytics/data management

We have the expertise and resources to help organizations move into new markets across borders or to grow their teams locally. Our experience and infrastructure within the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship can help startups and established companies commercialize technologies, protect inventions or finance new ventures. We also aid in business creation. We support:

  • Customer development
  • Business growth management
  • Financial management and access to capital 
  • Innovation and development of products and services
  • Business startup
  • Globalization

How to Help
We are here to help you. We support business creation, growth and retention in the Peoria area. The Foster College of Business is your local business partner through our exceptional students, faculty and staff. If your organization could benefit from talented and forward-thinking students, free consulting or business development services, please contact

Foster College of Business/Bradley University
1501 W. Bradley Ave.
Peoria, IL 61625
(309) 677-2253

Facebook: @BradleyFCB
Twitter: @BradleyUFoster
Instagram: @BradleyUFoster

Dr. Matthew O’Brien, Interim Dean
Dr. Jennifer Robin, Associate Dean
Heather McCord, Assistant Dean for Budget and Administration
James Foley, Director, Turner Center for Entrepreneurship
Angela Settles, Director, Center for Professional Excellence
Karen Brennan, Director, Development