Instilling hope by creating the right balance of resources and care to foster and equip healthy productive children and families.

Strengthening families for a stronger community.

FamilyCore has undergone extensive review and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children. This means the organization demonstrates effective management and provides high levels of service, quality community programs, knowledgeable personnel and safe, accessible facilities.

For the past 120 years, FamilyCore understands that strong families, equipped with the tools and ties to succeed, are at the heart of any vibrant, tight-knit community. The organization (previously known as Counseling & Family Services) works with schools, the court system and other social service agencies to connect counseling, intervention and support with those who need it. FamilyCore is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children.

FamilyCore offers a variety of counseling services by licensed professional counselors. Specialty areas include: depression, anxiety, parent-child conflicts/parenting, school problems, pre-marital/marital concerns, drug and alcohol, job-related/joblessness concerns, grief/loss, adolescence, trauma and stages of life adjustments. A sliding fee scale is available due to generous contributions from five local United Way agencies.

Foster Care
Foster care is often required because parents are unwilling or unable to provide adequate care during times of stress or crisis. When children need temporary living arrangements, FamilyCore connects them with safe and caring home environments. Foster parents provide love and understanding to children until conflicts are resolved and they can be reunited with their families.
One of FamilyCore’s most rewarding tasks is matching children with families who can provide their new forever home. FamilyCore facilitates private, international and embryo adoptions for all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

Single Parent Support
Much like trying to clap with only one hand, being a single parent is not easy! FamilyCore lends a hand by helping single parents learn, enhance, and expand communication, discipline, child development techniques and self-care practices. These services are provided free of charge to qualifying single parents in the Tri-County area who have a child under 18 living with them.
Youth Outreach
The prospect of succeeding and staying in school can be challenging for some. FamilyCore has built a wide-reaching spectrum of programs for at-risk youth to provide channels for success. Services include respite programs for children suspended from school; after-school and summer programs focused on educational and recreational activities; family school liaisons who work to prevent suspensions and attendance problems; and a youth anger management program.

How to Help
Volunteers and donations are essential to the success of our clients. Donations could be put to use in the following ways:

  • $50 provides fidgets, weighted blankets, sensory activities/therapeutic tools for children
  • $100 stocks the food pantry
  • $125 provides blankets, pillows and sheets OR a car seat
  • $150 gives a foster care child luggage, toiletries, essentials and a backpack
  • $225 allows for purchase of Lenova tablet for mobile/virtual resources
  • $500 provides five sessions of counseling for a family/individual unable to pay
  • Gift cards from major retailers are also appreciated to secure personal hygiene products, school supplies, gas, etc.

If you have time or resources to donate, please call (309) 676-2400 or email for more information.

330 SW Washington St.
Peoria, IL 61602
(309) 676-2400

Facebook: @FamilyCore

Ann Lading-Ferguson, CEO
Melissa Borders, Program Director/Child Welfare
Sharon Nagai-Phelps, Program Director/Counseling & Adoption
Ronald Tyler, Program Director/Youth Outreach