Community Workshop and Training Center, Inc.

Community Workshop and Training Center, Inc.

Our central Illinois organization provides programs and services to adults with disabilities; enriching their quality of life, promoting social change and optimizing their potential for independence.

CWTC will lead central Illinois in successful integration of people with disabilities.

What We Do
Vocational services include developmental training, work skills training, janitorial services, job-seeking and job placement programs.

Residential services range from 24-hour supervised homes to intermittent support in an apartment setting.

Our programming focuses on four areas: organizational employment, community employment, community integration and community living. Our accredited services and programs include:

Community Services

  • Community Housing
  • Community Integration

Employment Services

  • Community Employment Services, job development and employment support
  • Employment Planning Services
  • Organizational Employment Services

CWTC Consumers Giving Back
Even though CWTC receives support from the community, we also believe in giving back. Our consumers volunteer at over ten sites in the community. As they volunteer, they are also learning life skills such as safety, good work practices and communication, just to name a few. CWTC consumers enjoy being a part of their community.

How to Help
CWTC is a local not-for-profit that appreciates the support of our community. For more information on volunteer, sponsorship or donation opportunities, visit or call Carla Jockisch at (309) 686-3300.

Community Workshop and Training Center, Inc.
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Patti Gratton, Executive Director
Jim Croke, Chief Operating Officer
Mike Grane, Controller
Karen McMenamin, Administrator of Program Services
Mona Robinson, Administrator of Residential Services
Don Rulis, Administrator of Vocational Services