AppsCo is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing an experiential business curriculum and paid internships for Peoria Public Schools high school students to empower them for college and the corporate world.

AppsCo students receive a hands-on learning experience inside and outside of school, working on local corporate projects and internships to reinforce business classroom principles.

We are a multi-faceted initiative investing in the future leaders of our community as they learn business education and foster relationships with local corporate mentors.

AppsCo is a pro-local company with a goal of keeping its future leaders in central Illinois for college, work and beyond.

Entrepreneurial Origins
AppsCo set out to create a cutting-edge course in business skills, personal growth and public speaking. It was also deemed crucial to give students the benefit of hands-on learning by involving the community in projects to cement the principles they were learning. AppsCo integrates its businessready students into the community through events, continuing education, networking and projects.

Dynamic Curriculum
AppsCo’s curriculum is divided into 10 units and includes all daily lesson plans, tasks, projects and tests to ease implementation and adoption by educators. Resources for AppsCo are provided via a secure cloud teaching platform with full support and access to all materials.

The curriculum is dynamic, live and frequently updated to ensure the content is relevant and current to a changing world. Both the curriculum and grading system have been created using formats and standards compliant with current guidelines being used in the schools. Our curriculum is aligned nationally with Common Core and with State Learning Standards.

Real-World Experience
The AppsCo website features a student-run blog that allows them to talk about things relevant to their learning experience and work duties. The students run all social media platforms as a way to learn about marketing. AppsCo is committed to teaching the theories and principles of business while immediately applying those principles to real work running a real company.

Growth and Success
The AppsCo program has experienced great growth and success, thanks to the guidance and partnership with Peoria Public Schools and Junior Achievement. AppsCo is a weighted curriculum in Richwoods and Manual high schools, and will be introduced in Peoria High School in the fall of 2020.

In three years, AppsCo has grown dramatically, from a pilot program of 15 students in one school to 80 students across two schools and the district. The program’s reach will extend to 200 students by the fall of 2019.

Measuring Impact
AppsCo takes its responsibility to teach and impact students and the community seriously, and measures itself to ensure maximum impact is being made while the program continues to grow and improve.

The areas measured for impact are career readiness, soft skills, general business acumen, confidence, public speaking, hope of opportunity and improved student performance. The program also helps students grow emotionally and through skills training.

Honors and Awards
AppsCo has received recognition and awards from the U.S. Congress, Illinois State Bicentennial and Illinois State Superintendent of Schools, in addition to ongoing national media attention.

4606 N. Prospect Road, Ste. B
Peoria Heights, IL 61616
(309) APPSCO1 (277-7261)

Twitter: @AppsCoPeoria

Alexis Khazzam, Founder and CEO
Brian Michael, Co-founder and COO